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Demand Response / Virtual Power Plant Solutions

We are NOT the aggregator - We enable you to become one!

Virtual Power Plant as White-Label Program for Electricity Retailers and Utilities

cyberGRID have joined forces with TOSHIBA to provide expertise and solutions in all areas of energy management from smart metering and the smart grid through to smart communities for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

posted on 30.09.2014 eBADGE: Improving Efficiency in Electricity Markets via Cross-Border Balancing | Nov. 4thl > Amsterdam, Netherlands

eBADGE’s 1st workshop will present project research findings along with the preliminary outcome of 3 cross-border pilot studies of balancing the electricity markets across Austria/Italy/Slovenia in an attempt to create a pan-European intelligent balancing mechanism. Get the insights & discuss with the consortium experts by joining the event!

posted on 25.08.2014 Energiewirtschaft Österreich 2014 | October 23rd - 24th, 2014 > Vienna

The 18th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung "Energiewirtschaft Österreich 2014" will be held in the Vienna Marriott Hotel.

Grid Operators

» Efficient Mechanism for Balancing the Grid
» CO2 Neutral Reserve Energy
» Cost Saving Instead of Building New Infrastructure


» Save Money or Generate New Income
» Increase Energy Efficiency
» Reduce CO2 Emissions
» Don’t miss other Smart Grid Opportunities

Utilities and Retailers

» Optimize imbalance settlements
» Zero Emission Ancillary Services
» Financial Benefits for Customers